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västerfärnebo-fläckebo singel kvinna Our products have been widely used in many countries of the world, such as:United States, China, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Peru, Venezuela,  etc.. In America, our products have been used in Big Spring, Midland, Grandfalls, San Augustine, Manhattan in Oklahoma, etc..In China, our products also have been used many regions, such as: Liaohe, Jilin, Sichuan, Hailar Inner Mongolia, etc..

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On one well, our MWD/LWD system operated continuously for 31 days to a vertical depth of 3002 meters. Our tools drilled three wells without downhole failures for a total of 522 hours downhole.

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As of 2015 our MWD/LWD system has been in close to 300 wells globally and we have achieved a total drilling depth over 130,000 meters.


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