Software Training:Bitswave has prepared the user manual of software for customs to make sure the instruments can work smoothly and also we will send the professional engineers to make a practical training.

Field Engineers’Training: This will include detailed aspects of MWD/LWD operations and basic equipment trouble shooting at base and at field,and also include the software operation.

Technical support:Bitswave has a professional technical support team to provide customers with technical support, make sure to solve the problems at the first time.Bitswave also can send technical engineers to the scene or carry standby instrument when necessary to ensure the construction progress.

Bitswave provides complete maintenance and repair services for all our products;

Bitswave provides necessary components to make sure the equipment can work normally ;

Bitswave is responsible for assembling, testing and configuring instruments;

Bitswave is responsible for installing and configuring the software;

Bitswave provides the calibration for MWD/LWD system.

Bitswave Inc. has gradually established an experienced and professional team with years of efforts. We have independently developed and produced a series of advanced MWD/LWD tools: Basic Resistivity, Dir-Resistivity, Nearbit, Pwd, Nuclear, NuclearBin, Rss, Short Resistivity and so on. Providing all-round logging while drilling service for famous oil and gas companies at home and abroad. With the leading technology of MWD/LWD and professional engineering service team, Bitswave Inc. has strong competitiveness in all major drilling markets at home and abroad.
1.Advanced Equipments:Basic Resistivity, Nearbit, Directional Resistivity, Pwd, Nuclear, NuclearBin, Rss, Short Resistivity and so on.

  • LWD Tools


2.All kinds of accessory equipments:MR2 Resistivity Meter, MWD Sensor Calibration Platform, Cabel Tester Box, Surface Board Tester Box and so on.

  • MR2 Resistivity Meter